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African Serval Photos

Pictures of Pet Serval Cats

African Serval"Bubb"Photo © Animal-World: Courtesy Alan and Sally Comstock of Hilltop Cattery

Servals cats can make wonderful household pets, but they are energetic animals with very special needs!

Here's some great pictures of pet Serval Cats. True to is cat nature, Bubb who is seen in the picture here, is quite content to lounge in the living room. All together we feature pictures of six pet Serval cats. Besides Bubb pictured above, there is a pair of parents called Mouse-E and Siss-E, and their three offspring Shakina, Spook, and Spunk-E.

All of these fine animals enjoy a wonderful home with their human family. Serval cats are very unique companions to keep, and the keepers and their home for keeping these cats is also very unique. It takes great dedication of time and resources to provide for these pet cat companions.

If you are thinking about getting an African Serval as a companion, find in-depth information on cat behaviors and cat care here, Serval Cats as Pets. Ownership of lesser cats (small wild cats) may be regulated by state and/or local law. For example the state of Pennsylvania, where the African Servals seen here live, required an inspection, a permit, and a 4 foot wide x 6 foot high x 8 foot deep cage (4'Wx6'Hx8'D) for a single cat. Be sure you check for any current requirements in your area.

For the history, background, development and basic needs of Servals, see:
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Mouse E and Siss E

Mouse-E and Siss-E

Sally shares some of her experiences with these two and her other wonderful pet Servals.

The pair of parent African Serval cats featured here are Mouse-E, a 3 year old male African Serval, and his queen, Siss-E. Mouse-E and Siss-E are the proud parents of three offspring.

"Mouse-E weighs about 44 lbs. and likes to eat. He also likes to open doors, sleep, chase our domestics cats, hug, kiss, help his mom fix food for the other animals, hiss intensely at his human male and travel at supersonic speeds around the house!"... Sally.


Serval Kitten PhotoShakina

Shakina is a darling Serval kitten.

These cats are very energetic, besides racing around the house they love to explore. They love to go outside, and they even enjoy playing in the rain. But be careful not to let your pet get outdoors without being restrained, as Servals are very difficult to catch. Fortunately, they are very smart and can be harness trained, which helps a lot when you need to take them outdoors in the open.

"Mouse-E and Siss-E escaped one night at 10:00 pm. After their escape we found Mouse-E lying in a neighbors yard eating grass while Siss-E was chasing fireflies (lightning bugs)"... Sally.

There is a wild side to the nature of these intelligent cats. They react in fear when being chased. So if they do escape, you're best bet for catching them is to have a well established, trusting, relationship of trust. It's best if they will come to you!


Spook looks like he has a good hideout.

Its a room with a view - protected, safe, yet roomy. He can observe all that's going on in case he needs to join in, but he also looks ready to just take off if need be!

African Serval cats are curious and attentive. They are very skilled at probing holes with their long forepaws. Servals in captivity will frequently stick their paw in someone's pocket to fish around for interesting items.

"All our servals eat Mazuri Exotic Feline Small, chicken, turkey, and a supplement. Of course they also find the occasional loaf of bread, toilet paper, and paper towels. In which case these playful cats truly think these items must be destroyed and scattered about!"... Sally

Spunk E

Serval cat image of Spunk-ESpunk-E
Spunk-E is resting, and looks quite relaxed.

But don't be fooled! Pet Servals can become very comfortable with their human family and the family routines, but they are naturally active. I'm glad Spunk-E is posing for his picture, but I'm sure he can be a blur of movement when he's on the go. (Maybe that's why he's taking a nap!)

Servals are sometimes referred to as "the poor mans cheetah". They are capable of jumping 15ft. straight in the air, from a sitting position, to snatch birds in flight.

These incredible lesser cats can also reach speeds of 45 mph for short distances. African Servals have huge ears that enable them to pinpoint rodents and pounce directly on the animal in the long savannah grasses.

Written In conjunction with Sally Comstock of Hilltop Cattery, Pennsylvania

Author: Sally Comstock, Clarice Brough CCS